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Workshop by Steff | Uitgesproken Queer


On friday afternoon, april 5, we went to Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten for a workshop by Steff, co-founder of the poetry and spoken word collective Uitgesproken Queer in Utrecht. This afternoon we had writing assignments about what it means to be exposed which were consequently turned into small, group performance pieces. Beautiful words and images were the result. Words such as connection, trust, vulnerability, feeling naked, holding back, opening up showed the similarities we all feel about daily feelings of exposure. Some pieces would eventually end up in our end performance...

At the end of the afternoon Marina presented some of her costume ideas. Throughout the two weeks the idea had come up for her to design the costumes. Even though she did our catering, she eventually joined the dancing and did what she's most talented in.. designing fashion / images.

All pictures by Iso Caba