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Weekend = CHILL TIME


After the first week everyone was tired! We had been training a lot. Besides, working with people you don't know is an intense process. We had been surprised how quickly a sense of community/group feeling came into being. We also realized however we needed moments for people to relax and to take time for themselves, to do shoppings or just have informal moments of being together. The weekend was chill time!

Our saturday was well spent in Amsterdam.. some of the locals guided the people through the city. And of course you cannot go home without practicing your jumps and salto's in front of the Nationale Opera en Ballet.

In the evening we had scheduled a party.. a silent disco in Perron West a new organization in a small train cabin which focusses on connecting and community building in Lombok.

Unexpectedly a photographer called Julie Hrudova walked in and took us some amazing pictures, see pictures above.

Sunday really was chill time. Everyone had a day off and many people gathered in one of the guest houses in the evening to cook and eat West-African food.

OF course, one of the things we have not mentioned yet, is XPOSED RADIO. Many evenings one of the houses including Bart (NL), Paul (Kenia), Manu (Kenia) and Vvyque (Kenia) hosted a radio show. We initially started this as a crowdfunding activitity when we were raising donations on All participants of the project, but also their friends and relatives at home, and our followers on social media, could request songs and listen to stories by our participants; about the exchange project and their personal lifes. Consequently we have built a playlist of songs from all over the world..