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Building in the Performance!!


The exchange has begun!

On Sunday 31st we welcomed Mesuli (Ciudad del Cabo), Monwabisi (Ciudad del Cabo), Khanyisa (Ciudad del Cabo), Noxolo (Ciudad del Cabo), Paul (Nairobi), Manu (Nairobi), Vvique (Nairobi) y Gaya (Kisumu) to the Netherlands. To this team we had Dutch performers Marloes, Annemieke, Marieke, Marina and Clair and from Mexico Jimana. With the complete group we started activities on April 1st.

It has been a very exciting week in which we have learned about different dance teaching technics in which our main focus has been in sharing community building, body expression and how can dance and art practices have a positive impact on our local communities.

As each of our participants take turns to show how to dance in their own particular style we have building on the co-creation of the performance that we will be shown on April 12th, 2019 at Sint-Antoniuskerk in Utrecht.

Beyond a dance program, this exchange has been the perfect opportunity of sharing different experiences of what is the role of arts within both personal development and the impact it has in contemporary societies. Moreover, it has also built bridges in which beyond our difference we have found common ground and find value in the importance of creating alternative creative and artistic international networks.

Picture by Iso Caba


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