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The Magic Transformers - the start


Hello everybody,

Sorry, I am writing in english because my dutch writing is still not perfect. I hope it is ok.

On the 13 March we started our rehearsal with The Magic Transformers. We have a beautiful group of passionate people coming from various background. Some of them know each other very well, some are more new to the group. Our first rehearsals are about finding each other back and exploring our fantasy characters with improvisation. We use an exercise that the group invented and like a lot called " the table ritual".

One of us "the patient" lie down on the table and says what we would like to become. The others gives him then a journey with sound and touch, adding elements around him to construct a world around the character he/she wants to become. Until now we had: a healer, a fortune teller, a child star, a diva, an octopus, a alien, a killer, a cow, a flamenca dancer. It is interesting to see how the group construct the imaginary around this person. When the person wakes up the improvisation continues.

A new element was also introduced. At each rehearsal one of the participant prepares a closing ritual that they lead in the end of the session. This is a way for us to practice "hosting" which is an important part of our events. Shallandra proposed a japanese tea ritual, Bas proposed a chain of goodbyes, Keyjo proposed a meditative practice.

In the end of the session, everybody cleans up together. This is as well an important moment. We are here to play together but also to take responsibilities and care. Sometimes Olivia and me who facilitates the rehearsal can have the tendency to take too many responsibilities. It is therefor a great practice for us as well to let go and let the group take more lead in organisational tasks.