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How to survive the end of the world


The first part of our project is alreayd finished. The performance took the form of a performative workshop to teach the audience how to survive the end of the world. The Magic Transformers were the experts teaching their specific knowledge to the audience and therefore inviting them to enter their fantasy world. The presentation was a big success. The second part will be presented in the beginning of December in Veem Theatre. The Magic transformers are looking forward to this new occasion.

The "workshop" was buit as well in a way that the audience could really access the intimacy of the group and take part of it. They were invited to let go of their own logic and follow the one of the group. We reveiced very nice feedback from audience members such as " At the beginning when you enter you feel shy but then you see the group and they are so generous and honest and they don't care about what the other think, they are empowered so they empower us and we end up not caring anymore. This is where we can finally play".