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The characters are slowly getting born


We are getting closer to our first sharing on the 2nd of July.

Our characters are slowly getting born. Featuring: The Diva, The mysterious Cinderella witch, The Zeefix alien prince, The healer, Miss Electricity, The ghost, The Priest/Killer, The guide, The princess, The Flamenca dancer.

Each of these characters have a scene. We are still thinking together on the line of our fairy tale. We could also become a circus troup with a series of act. We are also dicussing together on the different ways we will secude our audience and involve them. It is in general beautiful to see the collective imagination of the group grow.

A lot of future and great challenges.

Along this month the 2 main facilitators of Magic Transformers could not come for one session. It was therefore led by two of our participants. They took care of the whole organisation and of the practice. It was the first time we let the session be fully led by the participants. We are very happy that we are taking this step.