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building our world


 last tuesday one guest artist, Erin Hill, came to share her practice called "dream path"

The idea was to walk through the space, describe what you see and then choose a spot that is the favourite spot of your fantasy character. Then we had to describe how we imagined the space to be, the colour, the sound, the smell. But as well why we chose this specific spot.

We didn't know how it would go because it is difficult to predict anything with our group. We were a bit scared that some of the people would not mamage to let their imagination talk. Also because not everybody is confident with talking. It became nevertheless a beautiful and magical moment. It is touching to see that the group is emancipating, taking more lead, adapting to various tasks by giving their own unexpected response to it. Each of the characters chose very specific spot and shared their fantasy: with movement, objects, stories.

We had the Flamenca dancer who chose a corner of the room because of a doll standing there. She said her space was red and very big. With music. it was a happy space like in spain.  We had "electricity" who chose the entrance door with the wish to offer a transformation to the people entering the space. Like a gate. We had the healer, on top of his mountain. The guide, who find the lost souls and show them the way. We had a diva and Octopus, in a hotel in Japan with a swimming pool. We had a spider trapping us in the middle of the space and of course the Prins Zeefix who told us why he loved human beings.

This is not a story yet, it is only the beginning of the book. Looking forward to the rest.