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The Magic Transformers


Dit is de weblog behorende bij het project 'The Magic Transformers'.

last performance of The Magic transformers

It has been some time since I wrote anything. December was a busy period. The Magic Transformers had the chance to perform 2 times more this time in a theater in Amsterdam which was new to them. It was very good because it brought a complete different audience and the participants of the group had the chance to share their skills with more people. In terms of organisation everybody took care of different aspects, helping each other with costumes, preparing their sceneries, serving the food. it was a nice challenge that we all took.

Hereby some fotos:

How to survive the end of the world

The first part of our project is alreayd finished. The performance took the form of a performative workshop to teach the audience how to survive the end of the world. The Magic Transformers were the experts teaching their specific knowledge to the audience and therefore inviting them to enter their fantasy world. The presentation was a big success. The second part will be presented in the beginning of December in Veem Theatre. The Magic transformers are looking forward to this new occasion.

The "workshop" was buit as well in a way that the audience could really access the intimacy of the group and take part of it. They were invited to let go of their own logic and follow the one of the group. We reveiced very nice feedback from audience members such as " At the beginning when you enter you feel shy but then you see the group and they are so generous and honest and they don't care about what the other think, they are empowered so they empower us and we end up not caring anymore. This is where we can finally play".



The characters are slowly getting born

We are getting closer to our first sharing on the 2nd of July.

Our characters are slowly getting born. Featuring: The Diva, The mysterious Cinderella witch, The Zeefix alien prince, The healer, Miss Electricity, The ghost, The Priest/Killer, The guide, The princess, The Flamenca dancer.

Each of these characters have a scene. We are still thinking together on the line of our fairy tale. We could also become a circus troup with a series of act. We are also dicussing together on the different ways we will secude our audience and involve them. It is in general beautiful to see the collective imagination of the group grow.

A lot of future and great challenges.

Along this month the 2 main facilitators of Magic Transformers could not come for one session. It was therefore led by two of our participants. They took care of the whole organisation and of the practice. It was the first time we let the session be fully led by the participants. We are very happy that we are taking this step.


building our world

 last tuesday one guest artist, Erin Hill, came to share her practice called "dream path"

The idea was to walk through the space, describe what you see and then choose a spot that is the favourite spot of your fantasy character. Then we had to describe how we imagined the space to be, the colour, the sound, the smell. But as well why we chose this specific spot.

We didn't know how it would go because it is difficult to predict anything with our group. We were a bit scared that some of the people would not mamage to let their imagination talk. Also because not everybody is confident with talking. It became nevertheless a beautiful and magical moment. It is touching to see that the group is emancipating, taking more lead, adapting to various tasks by giving their own unexpected response to it. Each of the characters chose very specific spot and shared their fantasy: with movement, objects, stories.

We had the Flamenca dancer who chose a corner of the room because of a doll standing there. She said her space was red and very big. With music. it was a happy space like in spain.  We had "electricity" who chose the entrance door with the wish to offer a transformation to the people entering the space. Like a gate. We had the healer, on top of his mountain. The guide, who find the lost souls and show them the way. We had a diva and Octopus, in a hotel in Japan with a swimming pool. We had a spider trapping us in the middle of the space and of course the Prins Zeefix who told us why he loved human beings.

This is not a story yet, it is only the beginning of the book. Looking forward to the rest.

Message from our fortune teller

Shallandra, one of The Magic Transformers wrote a little text for our Blog. Her fantasy character is becoming a fortune teller.

"Last Tuesday was our 4rd get together for Move Dance act. We are dusting off the winter stiffness and slowly transform into the character we always dreamt to be. We are a bunch with a wild imagination. We have killers amid we have healers and dancers. This time we also had an audience with a great I-for detail.

Does this get you intrigued? Come and join us. And be what you wanna be! Every Tuesday evening from 19:00 till 21:00 Kinkerstraat 42"

The Magic Transformers - the start

Hello everybody,

Sorry, I am writing in english because my dutch writing is still not perfect. I hope it is ok.

On the 13 March we started our rehearsal with The Magic Transformers. We have a beautiful group of passionate people coming from various background. Some of them know each other very well, some are more new to the group. Our first rehearsals are about finding each other back and exploring our fantasy characters with improvisation. We use an exercise that the group invented and like a lot called " the table ritual".

One of us "the patient" lie down on the table and says what we would like to become. The others gives him then a journey with sound and touch, adding elements around him to construct a world around the character he/she wants to become. Until now we had: a healer, a fortune teller, a child star, a diva, an octopus, a alien, a killer, a cow, a flamenca dancer. It is interesting to see how the group construct the imaginary around this person. When the person wakes up the improvisation continues.

A new element was also introduced. At each rehearsal one of the participant prepares a closing ritual that they lead in the end of the session. This is a way for us to practice "hosting" which is an important part of our events. Shallandra proposed a japanese tea ritual, Bas proposed a chain of goodbyes, Keyjo proposed a meditative practice.

In the end of the session, everybody cleans up together. This is as well an important moment. We are here to play together but also to take responsibilities and care. Sometimes Olivia and me who facilitates the rehearsal can have the tendency to take too many responsibilities. It is therefor a great practice for us as well to let go and let the group take more lead in organisational tasks.